Roundup of the UK National Championship 2016

Strictly Wheels Medal Winners

Last Saturday 22nd October saw dancers from across the country attend the UK National Championship in Ware, Herts.

The day kicked off with an Inclusive Dance Festival featuring dancers with many disabilities both physical and learning.  There were lots of great performances throughout the morning from individuals and groups alike culminating with everyone present taking part in a group dance led by Grass Roots Manager- Emma Millward.

UK National Championship

UK National Championship Debutante Medal WinnersThe afternoon saw the UK National Championship for Wheelchair Dance Sport with dancers in all sections from Debutante to Amateur and Select.

Strictly Wheels team consisted of Lloyd and Goz dancing alongside Oscar and Patricia in the Debutante Combi Class 1 and Oscar and Goz taking to the floor in Debutante Duo Class 1.

The two Combi couples danced well in their heat and final dancing Waltz, Quickstep and a lively Samba.  Lloyd and Goz spurred their way to win the class and take the Gold, closely followed by Oscar and Patricia who scooped the Silver Medal ahead of the other dancers.

The team didn’t disappoint either in the Duo section demonstrating great flair in each dance.  Oscar and Goz beat off the competition dancing their way to the final to also take Gold for Strictly Wheels club.

The adjudicators praised the dancers for showing their enthusiasm on the floor together with good technique and demonstrating the character of each dance.


UK National Championship Gold Medals for Strictly WheelsGary and Paula, our founders, and teachers of the beginners danced Amateur Combi Standard Class 2 and Select Combi Latin Class 2.  They demonstrated why they are the top Wheelchair Dance Sport couple in the UK retaining their titles in both disciplines.

Gary and Paula also wowed the crowd with an extended version of their Freestyle routine “Empire State of Mind” which won them a place in the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final back in 2012.

Paula said “We’re immensely proud of our dancers who have only been learning for 3-4 months now to have taken part in their first competition.  To watch the sheer joy on their faces when their results were called was amazing!  It just goes to show what wheelchair dance can do for people and we hope more people can come and join us to learn.”

If you are interested in learning to wheelchair dance our classes take place in Manchester each week.  Everyone is welcome no matter what your background or experience.


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