Para Dance Sport Rebrand

Para Dance Sport Logo

The IPC has announced that Wheelchair Dance Sport will be renamed World Para Dance Sport.

As part of the rebrand the IPC will have new names and new identities using the World Para prefix for 10 sports.

The decision to change the sport committee names of each sport has been taken to make it clearer to the public which sport the IPC is responsible for.  It will also make each Para sport more distinctive from their Olympic or able-bodied equivalents. The rebranding also ensures that the “Agitos”, the Paralympic symbol, and the word Paralympic are only used in connection with the actual Paralympic Games.

The new identities for each Para sport clearly depict the sport as well as impairments in the logos and competition emblems.

The change to World Para Dance Sport is with the aim to expand the sport beyond wheelchair users so that new classifications for standing dancers with disabilities or prosthesis can take part.

Para Dance Sport Rebrand

Alexis Schaefer, the IPC’s Commercial and Marketing Director, said: “Our aim with the rebranding of the 10 IPC Sports is three-fold.  Firstly, we hope using ‘Para’ will make the sports more distinctive from the equivalent Olympic or able-bodied sports.  Secondly, the new look for each sport allows for a more consistent and uniform promotion of Para sport.  Finally, this move ensures that the Agitos and the word Paralympic is only used in association with the Paralympic Games.

“Although the new sport names and identities have been launched on 30 November, we expect the rebrand process, which will cover a number of assets in each sport, will take a full 12 months to complete.”

The new logo for Para Dance Sport shown above features a pod design and various elements that can be incorporated into competition emblems.

We look forward to a new exciting season and wait to see how the sport will grow in the coming years.


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