Wheelchair Dance Class

Summer Wheelchair Dance Classes 2018

We are changing the times for our wheelchair dance classes from Wednesday 11th July. The new class time will be from 7pm – 8.30pm. Classes will be a mix of social, fun dances for everyone to learn and take part and competition dances. Each week there will also be a practice session from 8.30pm-9pm for […]

300ft bungee jump

Fundraiser – 300ft bungee jump!

Our co-founder Gary is taking a leap of faith, literally, as he plunges from a crane to do a 300ft bungee jump to raise funds for Strictly Wheels. The 300ft bungee jump, the equivalent of leaping off a 20-storey building, is the highest in the UK! Gary is looking for sponsors and you can donate […]

Para Dance Sport Logo

Team GB prepare for the Para Dance Sport Mainhatten Cup 2018

Great Britain prepares for German Open This weekend 19th-20th May sees the World Para Dance Sport Mainhatten Cup and German Open Championship take place in Frankfurt, Germany. Team GB will be represented by members from Strictly Wheels who will be putting the final touches to their routines in class on Wednesday night. Gary and Paula […]

Goz Wheelchair Dancer

Meet Goz – Wheelchair Dancer

We meet Goz, a regular at our wheelchair dance classes to find out what she enjoys about being a wheelchair dancer. How did you find out about Strictly Wheels? – At first, I was taking part in a ‘Get Inspired’ challenge which I had pitched to BBC Sport, where I would take part in a […]

Cuijk 2018

Returning World Champions stole the show at the first World Para Dance Sport competition of the year, which concluded on Sunday 1st April in Cuijk, Netherlands. The Cuijk 2018 Para Dance Sport international competition saw 14 medal events, with Ukrainian dancers topping the medals table with nine golds. Our own Paula and Gary unfortunately couldn’t compete […]

Goz and Lloyd

Great Britain prepares for Dutch Para Dance Championship 2018

This weekend 30th March – 1st April 20818 sees the World Para Dance Sport Dutch Para Dance Championship and Dutch World Cup Championship take place in Cuijk, Holland. Team GB will be represented by members from Strictly Wheels who will be putting the final touches to their routines in class on Wednesday night. The competition […]

Wheelchair Dance Class Times over Christmas 2017

Christmas Classes 2017

We’ve had a great year again here at Strictly Wheels! It’s time for a well earned break and rest so here’s the details of our Christmas Classes 2017. Our classes will run as normal up to 13th December. 13th Dec – 7.30pm 20th Dec – No class 27th Dec – No class 3rd Jan – […]

Strictly Wheels Medalists

Round up of the UK National Para Dance Sport Championship 2017

Last Saturday 11th November saw dancers from across the country attend the UK National Para Dance Sport Championship 2017 in Ware, Herts. The day kicked off with a showcase performance from our own GB competitors, Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness dancing their international Freestyle routine to Empire State of Mind.  The couple are currently 7th […]

Goz and Lloyd

Strictly Wheels prepare for the UK Wheelchair Dance Championship 2017

This Saturday 11th November 2017 sees the UK Wheelchair Dance Championship in Ware. We took time out to speak to Strictly Wheels club members, Lloyd and Goz, about their preparation for the competition. You’re about to compete in the UK Wheelchair Dance Sport Championship; how do you feel about it? Goz – I was a little […]

Team GB prepare for Para Dance Sport World Championship 2017

Team GB prepare for the Para Dance Sport World Championship 2017

It’s just 3 weeks to the Para Dance Sport World Championship 2017 which takes place in Malle, Belgium on 21st-22nd October. We took time out to speak to Team GB competitors, Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness about their preparation for a major competition. You’re about to compete in a Para Dance Sport World Championship for […]

Strictly Launch Show 2017 celebs

Strictly Launch Show 2017

The Strictly Launch Show 2017 was a resounding success if the ratings were anything to go by. Not just for the heartfelt and sincere tribute to the late Sir Bruce Forsythe, but for the excitement and build-up of which professionals the celebs will be partnered with. We were watching eagle eyed though at the first […]

Strictly line up 2017

It’s that time of year when the Strictly line up 2017 has been announced! We’ve been getting drip fed celebs for the last few weeks, but we’re finally there with the full line up of 15 celebrities who are ready to step on to the dancefloor. The range of celebs this year is again wide, […]

Meet Oscar Wheelchair Dancer

Meet Oscar – Wheelchair Dancer

We meet Oscar, a regular at our wheelchair dance classes to find out what he enjoys about wheelchair dancing. How did you find out about Strictly Wheels? – My wife loves to dance, and she found the Strictly Wheels website and got in touch to find out about classes. How long have you been a […]

Team GB at the Mainhatten Cup 2017

Team GB success at the Mainhatten Cup 2017

Last weekend 17th-18th June 2017 saw a team from Great Britain travel to Frankfurt for the Mainhatten Cup 2017, Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition. The team was made up of Para Dance Sport Team GB competitors, Gary Lyness and Paula Moulton along with 4 members of Strictly Wheels club who competed in the Debutante section. This […]

Wheelchair Dance Class Members

Great Britain prepares for German Open Wheelchair Dance Championship

This weekend 17th-18th June sees the World Para Dance Sport Mainhatten Cup and German Open Wheelchair Dance Championship take place in Frankfurt, Germany. Team GB will be represented by members from Strictly Wheels who will be putting the final touches to their routines in class on Wednesday night. Gary and Paula will be competing in […]

Cuijk Para Dance Sport Championship 2017

Cuijk 2017

More than 150 dancers from over 10 countries gathered in The Netherlands for the Dutch Open and Cuijk Para Dance Sport Championship 2017 last weekend. Cuijk, now in its 29th year, is the largest wheelchair dance competition in the world.  Competitors at all levels from Debutante to Amateur and Para Dance Sport athletes come together […]

Roma Sport Logo

Roma Sport launches dance wheelchairs with Strictly Wheels

We’re pleased to announce Roma Sport, the UKs leading sports wheelchair manufacturer, have partnered with Strictly Wheels to bring a new range of dance wheelchairs to the UK. Roma already supply sports wheelchairs to Rugby and Basketball at all levels. Range of Dance Wheelchairs The range will include a basic club dance wheelchair for beginners and […]

Move It

Move It 2016

Move It 2016 Strictly Wheels’ Paula and Gary are set to perform at the UK largest dance event – Move It 2016! They’ll be appearing on the main stage on Friday 10th March shortly after 5.30pm showcasing wheelchair dance sport. The pair will perform a couple of routines demonstrating Latin combi dances. About Move It […]

Christmas Classes 2016

Christmas Classes 2016

We’ve had a great year for our first full year as a charity with many highlights! It’s time for a well earned break and rest. Here’s the times of our classes over the Christmas and New Year Period. 14th Dec – 7.30pm 21st Dec – No class 28th Dec – No class 4th Jan – […]

Para Dance Sport Logo

Para Dance Sport Rebrand

The IPC has announced that Wheelchair Dance Sport will be renamed World Para Dance Sport. As part of the rebrand the IPC will have new names and new identities using the World Para prefix for 10 sports. The decision to change the sport committee names of each sport has been taken to make it clearer […]

Team GB win Gold in Showdance in Malta

Team GB scoop Gold

Team GB end the year on a high scooping joint Gold in the Showdance at the Malta Open last weekend. Gary Lyness and Paula Moulton, co-founders of Strictly Wheels, are celebrating the end of their competitive season for 2016. The pair compete internationally for Great Britain both in IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and non-IPC competitions. […]

Strictly Wheels Medal Winners

Roundup of the UK National Championship 2016

Last Saturday 22nd October saw dancers from across the country attend the UK National Championship in Ware, Herts. The day kicked off with an Inclusive Dance Festival featuring dancers with many disabilities both physical and learning.  There were lots of great performances throughout the morning from individuals and groups alike culminating with everyone present taking […]

GB Wheelchair Dance Sport Logo

UK National Championship 2016

The stage is set for the Official UK National Championship in Wheelchair Dance Sport which takes place this weekend on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at 1.30pm. Wheelchair dancers from across the UK will gather at Wodson Park, Ware for the Championships. Entries will include Duo and Combi, Latin and Standard along with the new Singles […]

Greg Rutherford Week 1

Strictly Week 1

Strictly Week 1 either sees dancers explode through and show us all that they have the flair, discipline and control to learn the many dances thrown at them over the coming weeks, and for others to demonstrate glimmers of technique that will grow and take over from the personalities to win through or simply those […]

Healthy Omelette

Health and Fitness on the go

It always seems difficult to be healthy and active while on the go. This week has been really hectic, it’s seemed like there are not enough hours in the day! I’ve been working, doing some home improvements and looking after a friend’s horse. As I was dashing from one thing to another, listening to my […]

Wheelchair exercise

Healthy eating and wheelchair exercise

Wheelchair exercise and healthy eating For lots of people wheelchair exercise and healthy eating can be daunting or they don’t know what they ‘should’ eat to be healthy.  In this blog series I’ll give you some simple hints and tips. Tip 1: What to eat. Eat breakfast, it’s an easy meal to skip, but we […]

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Exercise and Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating For lots of people cooking is daunting and in this mini series I’m going to give you some super simple recipes for healthy eating and some top tips to make cooking easier. Tip 1: What to eat. Include protein in every meal for healthy eating. Protein isn’t just for body builders, we all […]

Disabled Daredevils

Disabled Daredevils

Disabled Daredevils airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday 30th August 2016 at 11.05pm and features one of our founders, Paula Moulton.  Here’s her story of how she got involved.   “If you’re told often enough you can’t do something you will start to believe it.  It’s time though we start to focus on ability and […]

Wheelchair Ramp onto train

Train travel as a wheelchair user

Whether local or national, rail is a simple way to get from A to B without the stress of driving or flying and like all other travel it’s best if you do some preparation before your journey (but much less than flying!).  Here’s our tips on Wheelchair train travel. Cost Rail travel in the UK […]

Trinity Sports Hall

We are moving

This week Strictly Wheels move our weekly Wheelchair Dance Classes to the more modern facilities at Trinity Sports Centre. The new facilities based at Trinity High School, just outside the city centre are larger to give our dancers the chance spread out and use a big floor area to improve their skills for dancing. We’ll […]

Wheelchair at airport

Flying as a wheelchair user

Is flying as a wheelchair user really the horror that people say? We’ve all heard the bad stories about flying when you use a wheelchair, however is it really that bad?  Can the horror of flying be avoided and how do you do your best to make sure you, and your wheelchair, arrive in one […]

Wheelchair accessible hotel

Hotels as a wheelchair user

We continue our travel blog season with information about staying in hotels as a wheelchair user. You fancy a break away, a countryside hotel a city break or maybe a trip to the sun but you need accessible accommodation, what questions should you ask to make sure what they are saying is true. Firstly, check […]

Wheelchair on beach

Holidays as a wheelchair user

Holiday season is upon us, so here is our quick guide to holidays as a wheelchair user. Travel as a wheelchair user can be interesting and fun but being prepared is the key. Do your homework on where, how to get to and stay at your chosen destination. Your first trip abroad can be daunting […]

Mainhatten Cup 2016

IPC Mainhatten Cup 2016

Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness travelled to Frankfurt, Germany last weekend to represent Great Britain at the IPC Mainhatten Cup Wheelchair Dance Competition. The competition organised by the German Wheelchair Dance Association comprised of the German National Championship and the IPC Approved Mainhatten Cup. The competition was large with dancers from over 15 countries in attendance! The […]

Wheelchair Dance Class

First Dance Class

One of our Trustees, Rebecca, joined us for the first time in a Wheelchair Dance Class, here’s what she thought! The lights dim, music flares and the click of heels begin. This is ballroom dancing! I have always had a passion for dance since I was a small child. Watching dancers glide across the dance […]

IPC Suomi Open Championship

IPC Suomi Open Championship

Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness travelled to Lohja, just outside Helsinki in Finland last weekend to represent Great Britain at the IPC Suomi Open Championship. The competition organised by the Finnish Wheelchair Dance Association was the first international competition to be organised in Finland and comprised of the Suomi Open Championship, the Finnish National Championship […]

What is Healthy Food

What is healthy food?

Wheelchair Dancing involves keeping fit and healthy, so we asked one of our Trustees, Caroline, a qualified nutritionist, What is healthy food? I was in my canteen at work the other day and looked at the healthy options, looking back at me was jelly…wow wow wow, since when is jelly a healthy option?!?  Would you […]

Love Dancing

Love Dancing?

There are several references as to who Saint Valentine was, but what we do know, it wasn’t until the middle-ages and the days of Chaucer that the celebration of Valentine was “invented” and linked to romantic love.  Valentine’s Day was born and is now a booming commercial industry. Many will argue it has lost it […]

Top 5 Disability Sports in the UK

Disability Sport

Sport England recently carried out an in-depth survey into disability, the different impairments numbers in different areas of the UK, so we ask why aren’t there as many taking part in disability sport? Almost 1 in 5 people in the UK are classed as having a disability, that’s just over 18 million people, and almost […]

Strictly Wheels Foundation Logo

Strictly Wheels Foundation

We are proud to announce the launch of the Strictly Wheels Foundation, a registered charity to promote Wheelchair Dancing. Strictly Wheels came about as a public profile of Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness as they began dancing to help create a voice for Wheelchair Dance Sport in the UK.  Paula and Gary are most remembered […]

Strictly Wheels Do The Strictly

Do the Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing Fever is upon us and we’re half way through the series so far and the Do the Strictly craze is gripping the nation. It’s that time of the competition when the real cream of the celebrity dancers start to come to the fore and get through to the next rounds. At Strictly […]

Continents Cup

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup 2015

The IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup 2015 takes place this weekend 5th-6th September. The event which is the largest IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport competition in the calendar, ahead of the World Championships, will see dancers from at least 21 worldwide countries meet in St Petersburg, Russia. Athletes will compete in the standard Ballroom and […]

Wheelchair Dance Workshop

Wheelchair Dance Workshops

Over the last few years we’ve had some amazing opportunities to meet many different groups of people and introduce them to wheelchair dancing through wheelchair dance workshops.  Often these are one off sessions, such as the National Naidex Exhibition or IIC however we have also had the opportunity to give long term support to other […]

National Paralympic Day 2015

National Paralympic Day 2015 takes place on Sunday 26th July in London, Brighton, Plymouth and Nottingham. The day is a celebration of disability sport and legacy from the fantastic 2012 Paralympic Games in London.  The day will feature many events and open sessions to try sports along with the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games. Wheelchair Dancing will […]

Disability Pride

This weekend sees Belfast host the UK’s first Disability Pride event. Disability Pride is an organisation that began in Chicago in 2003. It is a parade through the city to celebrate the lives of disabled people and an opportunity to express the accessibility into society of those living with a disability. Every year since its […]

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition in Germany

Congratulations to Paula Moulton & Gary Lyness who competed for Great Britain at the recent IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition in Rheinsberg, Germany. The competition was held at the HausRheinsberg Hotel, a fantastic, fully accessible hotel specifically designed for disabled travellers, on Saturday 15th March. This is only the second time they have competed at […]

Gold Medal for Paula and Gary

Dutch Open Gold Medal 2013

Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness swept to victory on Easter Sunday at the Dutch Open when they won the Amateur Latin title.  They also won a Silver Medal in Ballroom the previous day just being pipped to the post by Poland. It was a fantastic competition and the couple’s third year competing at the Dutch […]

Fish Insurance Sponsor Strictly Wheels

We’re delighted to announce that Fish Insurance are now backing the UK’s top wheelchair dancing talent, Gary Lyness & Paula Moulton – Strictly Wheels. Gary & Paula are the current UK Amateur Ballroom and Latin Champions and also hold several International Amateur titles. Their success is even more astonishing when you consider they are self-funding, […]

International Dance Shoes Sponsor Strictly Wheels

We are thrilled to announce that International Dance Shoes have given a sponsorship to Gary Lyness & Paula Moulton. Gary & Paula aka “Strictly Wheels” are the UK’s top competitive Wheelchair Dancing couple and are the current UK Amateur Ballroom and Latin Champions.  They regularly compete for GB in Europe. Paula said “IDS will provide […]

Disability Sports Awards 2012

Last night we attended the Nationwide Disability Sports Awards held in conjunction with the English Federation of Disability Sport. The event was held at The Point, LCC in Manchester and was attended by around 300 invited guests including many Paralympians, the stars of London 2012 and the upcoming athletes and clubs for whom the awards are […]

Same Sex Open Blackpool

Its great to know that dancing really is open to all.  Dance has no bounds, age, sex, race, ability, disability the list goes on, but dance can touch every single persons’ lives in some form or another. The UK has been home to ballroom dancing for as long as anyone can remember and its great […]