Month: March 2017

Roma Sport launches dance wheelchairs with Strictly Wheels

We’re pleased to announce Roma Sport, the UKs leading sports wheelchair manufacturer, have partnered with Strictly Wheels to bring a new range of dance wheelchairs to the UK.

Roma already supply sports wheelchairs to Rugby and Basketball at all levels.

Range of Dance Wheelchairs

The range will include a basic club dance wheelchair for beginners and amateur level through to custom and top of the range Elite wheelchairs.

Roma said “It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our entry into wheelchair dance thanks to Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness of Strictly Wheels! As the UK’s top wheelchair dance couple, their expertise is vital in developing a chair fit for taking centre stage.

Working with Britain’s best is an incredible opportunity for us to expand our product range to include wheelchair dance, a sport that everyone can enjoy. Their expertise and direction during the process of designing a chair for Paula have resulted in a great partnership and, we look forward to making a success of the sport with them in the future!”

Roma have sponsored Gary and Paula with a brand new, fully custom built chair for top level competitive Para Dance Sport.

Paula says, “Working with Roma Sport has opened up a new realm of possibilities for me. The fitting process and knowledge of the staff have made it a collaborative experience. From the first fit, they have listened to, rather than told me what I need.”

“The technology of the measuring system is revolutionary, finding the optimal fit catered specifically to my needs. I’m already able to do turns that I was told would not be possible due to the nature of my disability. Having a bespoke chair has given me the freedom of movement and the ability to take dance further. I cannot wait to compete in it!”

Paula’s bespoke chair will be making it’s first appearance at MoveIt!

Club Dance Wheelchair

Club dance wheelchair
Illustrative Club Dance Wheelchair

Gary added “It’s fantastic now to be able to have an entry level wheelchair suitable for dancing that will be affordable.  Currently the only real option has been a bespoke chair which is very expensive for anyone starting out or just dancing socially.  This will hopefully make wheelchair dance more accessible to more people in the UK.”

The new range of entry level club chairs will be available in 3 sizes and will be available directly from Roma very soon.

Roma manufacture everything on site here in the UK, so it’s a truly Made in the UK wheelchair which makes it faster to produce both club chairs and custom and elite bespoke chairs.

They have a pioneering Contour Body Mapping measuring system for the ultimate fit.