Month: February 2016

Love Dancing?

There are several references as to who Saint Valentine was, but what we do know, it wasn’t until the middle-ages and the days of Chaucer that the celebration of Valentine was “invented” and linked to romantic love.  Valentine’s Day was born and is now a booming commercial industry.

Many will argue it has lost it purpose and is now just a cash cow for businesses to capitalise on.  Couples feel pressure to out-perform each other with sweeping gestures and expensive gifts.

But what about all of those people out there who do not have a significant other?

Love is not just an emotion shared between 2 people; love extends to family, friends, animals and activities and much more.  Love crosses all boundaries and has no discrimination.

Love Dancing

For us at Strictly Wheels Foundation, our love is dancing.  Dance in all its forms, including wheelchair dancing, doesn’t discriminate and gives a freedom to those who dance.  It is a chance to lose yourself in the moment and immerse yourself in the music through movement and expression.

There is a great saying “Dance like no one is watching!”  Take this to heart, get lost in the music and love dancing like we do.

If you would like to find out more about Wheelchair Dancing, demonstrations or classes then feel free to contact us.