Month: September 2014

Disability Pride

Disability-Pride-LogoThis weekend sees Belfast host the UK’s first Disability Pride event. Disability Pride is an organisation that began in Chicago in 2003. It is a parade through the city to celebrate the lives of disabled people and an opportunity to express the accessibility into society of those living with a disability.

Every year since its inception, Disability Pride has asked a new city to join the network, these have been until this year, cities in the USA and Canada. In 2013, Madrid and Berlin joined the network and held their first Disability Parade and now finally the UK has joined in.

The event starts with a parade which begins at 11am followed by a day of celebration in the ‘village’ in front of City Hall with live acts, music, stalls and food.

We’re extremely happy that 2 of our dancers – Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness will be showcasing wheelchair dance sport on the main stage at 2pm.

It’s a great opportunity for people in Northern Ireland to see wheelchair dancing “in the flesh” and Gary is very excited to be dancing in his home country for the first time since taking up the sport.

You can find out more about the event on the Disability Pride website here.