Month: March 2014

IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition in Germany

Gary & Paula MedalsCongratulations to Paula Moulton & Gary Lyness who competed for Great Britain at the recent IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Competition in Rheinsberg, Germany.

The competition was held at the HausRheinsberg Hotel, a fantastic, fully accessible hotel specifically designed for disabled travellers, on Saturday 15th March.

This is only the second time they have competed at top level in IPC Competition and they were thrilled to come 6th out of the 7 couples present.  Paula said “it’s a great feeling to know we can progress given we are now competing against couples who have been dancing in top level for longer than we’ve even been dancing overall!”.

They competed in Combi Class 2 Latin, with Paula having received her permanent classification from the IPC for Wheelchair Dance Sport against couples from Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Russia, Malta and Austria.  Photos from the competition can be found on the couple’s Facebook page.

They are now currently ranked 6th in the world – until the next competition in the 2014 season that is!.  Unfortunately though, due to lack of funding in the UK and sponsorship, it is unlikely at this stage they will be able to travel to any of the planned IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport competitions through the year, so they be unable to gain any further ranking points.

The couple’s only sponsors come in the form of International Dance Shoes, who provide their competition shoes and Fish Insurance who cover all of their insurance needs for travel and wheelchairs.  They are most in need of a sponsor to cover their travel to wheelchair dances sport competitions as this is their largest expense through the year on top of training costs, costume and equipment.

Gary said “It’s a shame the sport does not have the recognition it deserves in the UK to open doors to funding, many other European countries are wholly funded by their governing bodies.  Sponsorship is still an option though, as IPC Guidelines allow couples to display sponsors on their costume and wheelchair when competing”.

If you or your company would like to speak to them about sponsorship then please contact them.